Friday, May 28, 2010

Online School and how I feel about it...

Well I have always wanted to go back to school but with 3 kids and being single I couldn't find the time. Well over a year ago I got let go of my job and figured no better time then now. I find online both rewarding and challenging at times only because you have to put yourself on a schedule whereas if you were attending a school they have the schedule already made. I find sometimes I put things off until the last minute and that can sometimes put me under stress. I love the flexibility of online classes it helps especially with having a big family and alsways being busy. I really have enjoyed meeting new classmates and the teachers I have had have been so great. I look forward to finishing school and working again.


  1. Wow Teresa, big family! Good job for taking time out for yourself and focusing on your goals :)

  2. Teresa -- I agree that the tradeoff for flexibility is the self-scheduling! That has been a challenge for me as well.